First official Post!

Hi! Everyone. I’m been in technology for quite some time.  I have been exploring the areas of Internet, Multimedia, Computer Hardware, Networking.

I have developed some websites but then stopped to concentrate more on career. Though I’m entering very late, this blog will certainly attract a couple of users at least. I’d like to post technology, tips, online links for cricket matches, shopping deals, coupons. All the cricket links or movie links shall all be links from public domain. If anyone has any concerns, Let me know and will remove it.  Not sure, what all will be added in future!!

There shall be Quality on this blog!!!!

( PS : My writing ain’ so good. But I’d try to make it simple. Please forgive me on my english. )

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  1. nice, ur blog is a very big help 2 me! tnx! 🙂

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