FREE AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional Software

Computer Active Magazine is giving away free copy of AVG 7.5 Professional anti virus software (feature comparison between Free and Pro versions).

* When you go to the link below, follow all instructions provided by PC Tools
* Read the General terms and conditions before downloading, and note that we do not provide any technical assistance or support whatsoever
* We strongly recommend you back-up any important files on your computer and that you set a System Restore point (for Windows XP or Vista users) before installing the software

Direct link :

Serial # is automatically populated during install.
Please note, the free AVG offer will expire on Dec 1, 2008, according to license info under AVG “control center”:
Your license will expire on 12/1/2008. When renewal is due, please visit to purchase your license renewal at a discounted price.

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