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How to Find an Invisible User on Yahoo! Messenger

Visit type in a Yahoo! ID and their status will be revealed. Even if the user has chosen to be invisible. Read my other post Detect invisible users in yahoo messenger – 10 different ways – all working

Share Videos in IM Window

Zync plug-in allows you and a friend to watch the same video in sync in the IM window.  To play a video from YouTube, Yahoo! Video or Google Video, grab the URL (http://�) from the website and type �watch � into your IM text box and send it (ex: watch The best part about Zync is that when the video is playing, you and your friend see the exact same thing at the same time. This makes it much easier to talk about the video.

Share Desktop with your friends.

Unyte Lyte provides 1:1 desktop sharing to Yahoo users. With one click invite contacts from your Yahoo! Messenger list to “see” your desktop.

Run Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger on same system

If you are using Yahoo! Messenger v8.0 or above, YahooMulti.reg will let you run multiple copies of Yahoo Messenger at the same time which will allow you to login multiple ID’s at the same time. When you click on the reg file above, just click “run” from current location. Or do it manual,

Click start button,then run and then type regedit and then look for
HKEY_CURRENT_ USER\Software\yahoo\ pager\Test. Then change this value of plural to like this “Plural”=dword: 00000001

Controlling Your Name on Yahoo Messenger

You can configure the first name, the last name and the nickname by clicking on the Messenger menu � My Contact Details.

Please keep in mind that entering a nickname in its special box, no matter if you also write a first or a last name, will display only this field in your contacts’ lists. Also, remember that you cannot change the way you appear in other lists because your contacts are able to modify your name as they want.

Note that if you IM with someone not on your friends list, that person will only see your Yahoo! ID

Track online/offline status of your yahoo buddies.

Yahoo Tracker is a web based free to use service that lets you track the online offline activity of any yahoo id anonymously. Registration is free and takes just a few seconds. You can track on up to 12 yahoo ids with one account.

Speed up Yahoo messenger.

Uninstall Plugins and choose to use Classic skin would speed up.

Tabs in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger for windows vista has some cool new features, tabbed IMing being the prominent among those. You can download this Tabbed Im hack for your version 8.1 from here

Access Yahoo Messenger Chat archives while offline

Archiving with Yahoo! Messenger is a very useful and helpful method of going through older chat logs.

Use this nice little indexing plugin called YIM Archive Plug-in for Google Desktop Search, using which i could access all my Yahoo archived logs even when I am not online using the Desktop search.

There is another way with which you can definitely access the logs which will include you downloading a software called Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder.

Remove my ID from others Yahoo messenger

In the good old days Yahoo! themselves use to provide it’s users with a Deny a Buddy web page. Currently these third party applications do the same: No Buddy Utility from ; Deny A Buddy Program ; NooberRemover 2.0 ; Dermots Denial 2.0

Custom Profiles for Chat.

You can create custom profiles with different name, sex and other details from Yahoo Create/Edit Profiles. These only work for Yahoo Chat services.

Online Status Changer and Manager.

HyperIM is simply the only status changer & manager you’ll ever use from now on. It has all functions rss automatic pm script plugins. Media player ‘now playing’ support for Winamp 2.x and 5.x, iTunes, Windows Media Player 9 and newer, BSplayer, 1by1 player, jetAudio, Yahoo! Music Jukebox , XMPlay, Musicmatch Jukebox, Media Player Classic, RealPlayer, UltraPlayer and ZoomPlayer.

Retrieve Yahoo! Messenger Display pictures.

It lets you retrieve Yahoo! Messenger Display pictures. You don’t need Y! Messenger to use it. Lets you save the pictures to JPEG format. Works if the user is online or offline. Download from here.

Invisible Nickname In chat rooms

Just go to edit profile and in the nick name type a (space character) on it just press Alt 0160 ( or ALT+255 ) and save it, now go to yahoo chat room and see your nick name empty.. Alt+0160 is a keyboard shortcut for space..

Change Yahoo Messenger Title Bar

You can change the text that appears at the very top of the yahoo messenger window by editing the ymsgr.ini file.  Find the ymsgr.ini file in Program Files\Yahoo\ and open it. Then at the end, type this:
caption=YOUR TEXT
change YOUR TEXT to whatever you want it to say. Then save the file and close messenger. When you restart messenger you will see your new message.

Remove the Ads from Yahoo Messenger

Close the messenger, download the Self Extracting file noadsse.exe – 64KB and run noads.exe. from it. and Restart Messenger…simple !! Alternatively

Nice info also found  here. If you install new versions of Yahoo Messenger, you’ll have to repeat the steps above, as Yahoo setup rewrites the registry entries. New versions will most likely make removing the ads more difficult or even impossible.

Updated : Read Simple and Best Yahoo Messenger Ad Remover all versions

Better Yahoo Messenger Installation.
  • Choose ‘Custom Install’ while installation and Uncheck all options such as changing default homepage etc.
  • After Installation, From the Preferences disable the Live words which isn’t worth.
Disable the Security Update Nag.

It can be disabled by renaming the “yupdate.exe” in program files to “yupdate.exe.bak”

Disabling the typing notification.

I find this feature annoying sometimes, I haven’t seen any option to disable this. But one way to go around is to Start the im windows minimized so you can still stay invisible without your control in the new window.

Yahoo! Smiley Codes!

You can find all the hidden smileys on yahoo site or use this YEmotePLUS plugin.

Web-Based Official Yahoo Messenger

The official web-based version of Yahoo Messenger is now available and is often described as the best alternative to the downloadable instant messaging client.  The service works pretty fine and you might be amazed when you first try it because it includes powerful features starting with emoticon support and ending with chat history. The webcam support for Yahoo Messenger for the Web would soon be added.

Tracing Yahoo ID to get user Ip address.

It was initially possible to gain the IP of the person you are chatting with in Yahoo Chat using the netstat command or a simple GUI tool like Process Explorer. for Windows. However, Yahoo fixed that. Still, if you try to use a ‘packet sniffer’ program you should be able to do that. You can try ethereal or winpcap [ (for ethereal) ; (for winpcap)]. However, network sniffing may be illegal in your area and you should check beforehand. Then you need to get a whois program. You can get one here:

Viewing Yahoo webcam without permission?

Yahoo removed anonymous webcam viewing in the recent builds so stop thinking about viewing webcam anonymously.

Yahoo Booters, Bots, ID Maker , Fake Webcams, Webcam Recorders ??

A booter is basically a small program that sends “bad packets’ and is used to knock someone out of chat and possibly disconnect a messenger client, like Yahoo! Instant Messenger.

A bot is a Yahoo! ID that you would use to log your Booters and other programs in. These bots are very smart compared to Eliza and can trick you.


Everything you see is not true too. Yahoo fake webcam software’s create a virtual fake webcam  which can broadcast any video file to show as webcam to others.

Beware before you invite somebody to your webcam. These webcam recorders capture the entire video and create a video file which can be viewed later or uploaded online.
Please comment upon any new tips, tricks, secrets, hacks.

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  2. Do you know if there is any way to check who’s yahoo IM list my screen name is showing on? I’ve added and deleted people off and on – sometimes they delete me themselves, at other times I don’t know if I’m still on theirs. Is there currently anything available to check this?

  3. PattyR,
    Unfortunately, there is no such option. When you chat with random people, its good you create an alias profile and use it and delete that profile once you feel too many have it.

  4. I have Yahoo Messenger on my computer and it is not showing all the messenger profiles that have used the program. If someone has a different computer account on my machine, can they hide their profiles from a decoder program? Thanks.

  5. Milton Walker Says:

    I receive a friend invite on Yahoo Messenger the other day but was typing something in another program at the time, and must have accidentally canceled the invite. I have no idea who it was from. How do I retrieve the invite?

  6. Is there is an any way to archiev my messages through different systems or is that possible to autometically send message to my email Account?

    Your help highly appreciate.

    You can email me also…

    Thanks in Advance

  7. Cricket King Says:

    please reply me how to hack a yahoo password please reply me my E-Mail adress is ok bye

  8. I know it’s been asked before, but based on someone’s main yahoo i.d. can you figure out their other yahoo profiles they are using? And not judging others, but I do not want to hack into their account. Just wondering if there was any OTHER way but that. Thanks!

  9. Shaun Richards Says:

    Is there any way to find out where someone is in the chat rooms? I remember you used to be able to follow a user? Also is there anyway to know who is on someones messenger list. Thanks

  10. the web for checking the offline yahoo users is not working

  11. hey i have seen this done but dont know how, while i was chatting with a friend, he was letting me see in real time his conversation with another, all of this was in my chat window with him, any ideas as this would be a nice tool for me since i am blind, i would not have to have multiple windows

  12. hello. i was wondering if anyone can help me get into other people’s yahoo messege archive. in the past i have had someone do it to me and now we don’t chat. i want to check on a certain person that may be trying to scam me out of some money. if i can check their yahoo messenger wothout them knowing, i can find out if i’m being scammed or not. thanks for any help. dlamb70

  13. Hi

    One of my friends on my messenger list has proxy ids(chats anonymously on weird ids).. how do i know who it is that’s using the pseudonym?


  14. where can i find a list of the hidden rooms in yahoo i know of two but would like to find the others

  15. i have a friend whose status is blinking. i mean it’s definitely blinking like for a second, his status is like “busy”, and for less than a second, his status is now “available”, and it will become “not at my desk”. and it will last for like forever because he’s always idled for like 2 hours. can anybody teach me how to do that?

  16. is there any way to know the phone number sign into mobile device in yahoo messenger

  17. Hi,
    I have been using yahoo messenger with webcam on my office network. I would like to know if there is any possiblity of anyone one on the network, including the network administrator accessing my yahoo webcam without my knowledge?

  18. my gf has been spending alot of time away from me lately but the says that shes very busy schooling and i wanna find out if shes spending more time near the computer then she says and maybe i dont kno a bout it i wanna find out what her password for what her yahoo id is cause i wanna see who shes talking to on her messenger i just wanna find out if shes cheating on me or not and i have tried different ways to get her password but none have helped me plzzz can anyone help me?

  19. while i’m chatting,,wen i didnt ignore him but he sends reply on his – ID with more windows generated with same message…..repeatdly cascade more windows on my desktop and get hanged r out of viruall memory…how it is possible………….waiting fr ur reply…i need to take an revenge on him……..HELP ME PLZ

  20. I want to know the password of messenger id… is there any way for it.. can anyone help me thanks

  21. i m facing the same problem as Denny is facing while i

  22. Ali Shahid Buttar Says:

    is ther any way to hack or know someone’s yahoo ID password ???

  23. hi
    i have installed yahoo messengr8.0 2-3 times but wen i try to log in the msngr window just closes ..what could be the probable reason ..i tried to dwnld aother ver like7.0 but i dint find any link..what can i do …or is it a virus



  26. there any way that i can retrieve yahoo chats..even if i have not done settings message archive saving…..plz reply it’s urgent.

  27. when i log into yhaoo chat..i see my name ‘s diffrant.

    my yahoo nick name setting ‘s well…

    pls help me..

  28. hi. do you know how to hide messages when you are in a conference?

  29. other website with you can detect status is also with website you cand download your buddies avatar.

  30. during voice call my friend play cow and bomb and other sounds,but i can not find i can find and use these sounds too?my mail is:…thank you

  31. I see me friend online but I ping, I wont find any response back. Is their anyway, where we can just ignore the chat (without adding into ignore list). something like, I ping but they wont get the chat window itself.

  32. I would like to know if it is safe to use the yahoo web cam everytime i chat with my husband we tend to be romantic is some instances. please reply i want to know if its ok. thanks…

  33. I would like to ask about my updates is not shown in the messenger list (mini description?). I’ve checked in “manage the updates” and Share my updates is enabled and also set to anyone for list I want to share. It is to all my friends YM I asked them that my updates is nothing list. There is any setting that disabling / blocking my update being show in messenger list? Thanks.

  34. really…really nice that thing that io can say with this post…keep on dude…

  35. Looking for that elusive yahoo password. If anyone can help me hack into an account, please respond.

  36. how do i save my chats or can i save them in my yahoo inbox?

  37. hello. i was wondering if anyone can help me get into other people’s yahoo messege archive. in the past i have had someone do it to me and now we don’t chat. i want to check on a certain person that may be trying to scam me out of some money. if i can check their yahoo messenger wothout them knowing, i can find out if i’m being scammed or not. thanks for any help.

  38. These tricks REALLY work… but y would u guys wanna HACK some1 else’s thing?!!?!? I mean, seriously… Y would u do tht cuz if they r your friend u could make them mad if they r trying to sign in cuz u can only b logged in2 the same computer 1 time… it’s NONE of your business ppl!
    Also, go 2 and look 4 stuff there…
    my E-mail is
    thx 4 the tips!!!

  39. I want Anti Booter If some one give me

  40. Hi,
    One of my IM friend is accessing my system without my permission through YAHOO MESSENGER…

    How its possible and can tell me the trick to me….?


  41. any way to see the cam without permission to other ????

  42. i am working in a corparate sector and my yahoo messanger and all websites messanger also is block by network administrator so please any one can help me how to use messanger.

  43. al rubion Says:

    some of this tricks are really work, but some is not..sadly.. will by the way i would like to know more things about booting this mad ppl in the chat room, how is it possible to kick them off from the chat room? do you have any bot software for free or trial? i just want to experience how to kick this bastard people annoying..thank and hope you can help me…

  44. pls help. i tried a lot with cccleaner and other. yahoo messenger might be effected with virus. once i open the chat window, while typing i can see the text but when i clik send, it is totally blank.

    when my buddy types something, i cant see the text(not displaying) or the font color becomes white which might have been chnaged diretly from registry thorugh virus. i copy the whole conversation and save in notepad. then i can see what my buddy has writen. its not a problem with yahoo mesger as i downloaded diff version………… what i need to know is, tell me the exact path in registry where i can change the font color of yahoo chat window while typing.

  45. HEy!!!!

    any way to see the cam without permission to other ????


    One of my IM friend is accessing my system without my permission through YAHOO MESSENGER…

    How its possible and can tell me the trick to me….?


  46. Is it possible to view past conversations(archived) once i update my yahoo messenger version ??

  47. is the best invisible detector

  48. hey, sorry to bug you… but can you tell me how to hack a yahoo id? or can you hack it for me? i had a yahoo id two years ago which was hacked by someone because i wouldn’t transfer him a sum of money.thx, contact me on my mail adress please 😀

  49. You have listed a good number of features that can be of great help. Thanks for that.

    You have explained about how to view webcam without permission. Can you suggest how to avoid someone viewing your webcam unauthorized.

  50. can you plse help how to view webcam without permission


  51. Good, I agree with your point of view, thanks for your sharing!I think i am very close to your imagination. zhengyiqiong201112

  52. I would love to know how to check my lovers yahoo messenger to see if he has another id and if he has someone else. he tells me over and over that i have 0 friends/0contacts and it only shows my id on his screen.. i want to believe him but i have been screwed in the past by others and i am a bit skeptical unfortunately. any help please contact me..

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