Create a ringtone from any mp3 file

Don’t like to pay for the ringtones? Want to set a part of your favorite song as ringtone? Lets learn how to create a free mp3 ringtone for your cell phone.

All the new phones support mp3 ringtones. Check if yours doesn’t. While checking this, also check the manual how to transfer files from your computer to your cell phone ( most are done with an USB cable or Bluetooth ).

Audacity, a free open source cross-platform sound editor, helps us easily trim the MP3 down to some 15-20 seconds part of our choice.

Using the Selection tool, select the desired part in the mp3 and Edit > Trim to cut it down.

Add Fade In to first few seconds , so that the ringtone does not get too loud at once.

For Audacity to Export as Mp3, lame-mp3 plugin is required. Download, unzip and save the dll. When prompted locate the dll and start savings mp3s.

Once exported, transfer it to your cell phone and enjoy your new ringtone.

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