Cheap International phone calls – India 1.87 cents

Rebtel, a VOIP provider has extended its holiday offer till Jan 16, which will allow you to make Cheap international phone calls.

Under this 3 for 1 offer, you can charge a maximum of $10 to get 3$ for every dollar, which means you’ll have 30$ in your account.

Their calling rates to India are 5.6 cents/min (USD) and if you divide it by three, the rate becomes 1.87 cents/min. 1.87 cents to India is the cheapest you get now.

This service works in a pretty interesting way, we need to give the phone number of a friend in another country, and Rebtel gives us a local number for them. This local number can be saved and called whenever.

They give you 10mins of free international calling when you register.  Also, you can refer your buddies to get 5 free minutes for each referral.

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5 Responses to “Cheap International phone calls – India 1.87 cents”

  1. i checked now its saying 0.029/cent per minutes, so please remove this add. because people get fool.

  2. sorry above 0.029/p per minute not cent. if you convert into cent, will be around 6cent offer 2/p perminute i.e. around 4cent /pm. Thats great offer i think.

  3. This has been expired long back. Just now posted another deal.
    Free Unlimited India Calling from US or call many international numbers for two days.

  4. Dear Sir,

    I have a Apple System with Mac OS; which didn’t support the Intervoip
    How to install the software in it. Otherwise send another one suitable for MAC OS.

    Thanks and Best Regards


  5. i have apple my system.i need install my cobmputer please

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