Alternatives to Stage6, where to find free online good quality movies ?

Itís already quite an old news that DivX has announced that at the end of this month they will discontinue operations of the video sharing site. They have already stopped user uploads and you can view sites through the end of the month. I wouldnít personally think the reasons for closure were only work- and resource-related: it might be also an enormous pressure from antipiracy organizations which didnít like the full movies and TV shows being uploaded to Stage6.

UPDATE : Read the new post Watch Hollywood, Bollywood movies online for free ; DivX High Quality Download Updated!!

Sites like , , and many other sites which post links to videos hosted on started landing into troubles and looking for alternatives. But that was just a start and we’ll have to see who use that concept!!!

Where to find free online good quality movies? english indian telugu hindi tamil ? a Chinese video sharing site, which allows large quality videos is used to by sites like for posting movies. Below are some places to start

Quick Silver Screen

Free Online Movie Database

Movie Forumz




The MoviePlex



Atomic Movies

Project Free TV




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