Sort the search engine results by date? Can you?

Have you ever felt the need of sorting your web search engine results, so that you see all the most recent results. Search Engines don’t have this option.

The four biggest search engines (Google, Microsoft Live/MSN, Yahoo, and Ask) give us little to nothing. There might be a situation when you want to find a web page based on when the information is published but not on relevancy.

Google’s search URL can be customized to show how fresh the results should be. For example, if you append &as_qdr=y9 to Google’s search URL, you’ll restrict the results to web pages first indexed by Google in the last 9 years. You use Google’s advanced options to restrict the search results to a certain period of time, you’ll find that Google shows the date when each web page has been first indexed (in many cases, this is a good approximation of the date when a web page has been created).

Google News has this feature of Sorting by Date. This link gives all news articles sorted by date about iphone.

I often find myself trying to track down the original source of an item that appears thousands of times on the Internet. So far, the only search engine I’ve found with a good date component is

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