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Windows Live OneCare 2.0 is an excellent update to a suite of services that has redefined the consumer-oriented PC security software market. As with previous versions of this software, OneCare 2.0 provides excellent anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall security functionality, various PC tune-up features, and superb PC backup and restore functionality. The new features, for the most part, are just icing on the cake: Microsoft was able to pull off multi-PC management and backup without making it too complex for real humans, which is quite a feat. The start-time optimizer is valuable for just about anyone. And the Windows Home Server integration and x64 support should quiet most complaints from the more technical crowd. Only the online photo backup feature is ill-conceived: $50 a year for just 10 GB of storage–which can only be used for backup, and not photo sharing–is exorbitant. For this to become competitive, Microsoft will need to lower prices and make purchased storage common and sharable across all of its Windows Live services. Regardless, Windows Live OneCare 2.0 is excellent, and I’ll continue using it on all of my PCs. Highly recommended

Windows Live OneCare works quietly in the background on your computer, so you don’t have to worry about nasty interruptions from viruses, spyware, hackers, and other unwanted intruders. It also goes beyond security, regularly backing up all your important files and cleaning up and tuning up your computer to help keep it running at top speed. Because you have better things to do with your PC.

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