Bluetooth Stack in Windows Vista – A2DP (high quality stereo)

A2DP or The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is a Bluetooth profile that allows for the wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source (typically a phone or computer) to an A2DP receiver (a set of Bluetooth headphones or stereo system). A common misconception is that A2DP support is available on all Bluetooth 2.0 devices or EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), which is not the case, and that A2DP is only available on Bluetooth 2.0 devices, which is also not true. A2DP support can exist in older versions of Bluetooth.

Windows Vista doesn’t support A2DP out of the box either. But with help of other drivers from Broadcom’s (formally WIDCOMM), Vista can make use of A2DP Bluetooth stack.

Download Widcomm Bluetooth stack BTW for Windows Vista (.ZIP, 75MB)

First thing is uninstall all other Bluetooth drivers from the Device Manager. You’ll have to repair your devices again. Enter the passkey for your headphones (often 0000).

pairing bluetooth in vista

Also if your is supported by BlueSoleil it may well be worth trying.

Broadcom (WIDCOMM) Bluetooth Stack download page

BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack download page

Updated info: After installing the drivers and pairing the Bluetooth, you’ll have to make sure windows redirects the audio output to Bluetooth speaker and uses Bluetooth mic as input for audio applications. This is the same procedure for redirecting the HDTV audio also. 

From Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage Audio Devices , make the bluetooth Speaker as default and Test. From now on, whenever the Bluetooth is paired, audio output and input will be redirected through bluetooth device. Same, implies for HDTV devices also.



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  2. hey Maco please tell me how to connect HBH-DS220 with laptop.
    i have the same one.

  3. hey Maco plz tell me how to do this in xp, i had tried bluesolil also but it dosent work. hw to do with vista.please explain.

  4. hello everyone, can anyone give me advise on how to connect HBH-DS220 with laptop bluetooth with XP.

  5. I have a real problem as since I upgraded to windows 7 I lost a2dp and my bluetooth headset wont wrok. Please help!

  6. Higher update, drivers.

    Works for Win 7, both x86 and x64.

  7. Hi,

    I updated my bluetooth driver using your link. I am able to stream music through mt bluetooth headset very well now. I wanted to express my heartful thanks to the author of this article .


  8. hi plz give me the link of “a2dp”. the above one is dead link so i cant download it.
    i bought a sony ericssion bluetooth headset mw600…and i cannot pair it to my “dell studio laptop of 64 bitoperating system in “windows 7…..
    plz help me….

  9. I´m having some problems with my headset Philips SHB6110.

    I could connect, the sound is functioning, but not that good, I think it´s not stereo yet. Suddenly appears at my playback devices list another bluetooth device, a “high quality headset”, I choose “set default” and the headset turns stereo.

    My problem is: if I set default to this “high quality headset” the sound starts to fail, I mean, it goes mute sometimes… What should be happening?

    P.S.: Hope u guys understand what i´m saying, cause my english isn´t that good.

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