Delete old calendar entries in Outlook Express help

If you use Microsoft Exchange server and have limited storage space on the server, then probably deleting old calendar entries is good choice for calendar items. For mail items, archiving and creating personal folder is best way.

All the past calendar items store the content and also the attachments unless you delete them.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is change your calendar view. First, click on your calendar so you’re in the calendar view.

Next, you’ll need to dig pretty deep in your menus. Under the View menu, select Arrange By->Current View->By Category, as shown in Figure A.


Dig deep in them thar menus! Click picture for a larger image.

Be sure to check that View->Arrange By->Show in Groups is off. At this point, your calendar should like like our sample, shown in Figure B.


All your calendar entries are shown in a list. Click picture for a larger image.

Now, click the start tab at the top of the window, so you’re sorting your entries by date. Simply shift-select all the entries you want to delete, hit delete, and you’re done.

You might want to consider some tricks:

  • If some of those entries are repeating, you might want to deselect those.
  • If you delete something you don’t want, it’ll be in the Deleted Items folder. You can always undelete.
  • You could create a separate archive PST file and drag the items you want to delete to the archive PST file, then delete them from your main PST file.

And, finally, don’t forget to get your calendar view back by selecting View->Arrange By->Current View->Day/Week/Month.

[via OutlookPower]

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3 Responses to “Delete old calendar entries in Outlook Express help”

  1. Thanks for the Info..

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  3. Wake up guy, Outlook Express has NO calendar. To have on you NEED Outlook not Outlook Express.
    I see some tries and found calendar in Outlook express – lucky guys 🙂

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