Unlock any iPhone any network. Complete Best Guide. 1.1.4 UK US 3g 8gb 16gb.

Section 1 – iPhone Hardware:
The iPhones shipping from ATT, Apple have various firmware revisions on them.  This also means you do not want to try unlocking without first updating the firmware.
Do Not Try Unlocking without first updating the firmware. People are using tools (iPlus, Ziphone) designed for iPhone firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 on older firmwares such as 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, etc and then wondering why they are having problems. Do NOT try updating without READING THE DIRECTIONS for the software you are using.

Section 2 – Unlocking Software:
There are two well known unlocking options: iPlus 2.0b and Ziphone 2.6b.
Both of these are designed for firmware version 1.1.4.
iPlus 2.0b — One step solution that will U/J/A ( Unlock Jailbrake Activate ) as well as install the latest version of Installer.app along with a number of useful tools and patches including, but not limited to: BSD Subsystem, OpenSSH, Terminal, Terminal patches, ACF2 support and font relocation (allowing more space for applications). If your iPhone shipped with bootloader 4.6 (Apple) then iPlus 2.0b will downgrade it to 3.9 (FB) which is easily reversible should you ever wish to get your iPhone back to “factory state.”
ZiPhone 2.6b — This will U/J/A and install Installer.app, but that’s it. You’ll need to download and install the other tools and patches yourself. If your iPhone shipped with bootloader 4.6 (Apple) then iiPhone will downgrade it to 3.9 (Apple) which is NOT easily reversible should you ever wish to get your iPhone back to “factory state.”
Between the two, I recommend using iPlus 2.0b because it does a lot more than ZiPhone, while at the same time making it easy to revert to a factory state should you ever need to do so.

Section 3 – Bootloaders (what do I want?):
Just to be clear. If you’re using the iPhone on ATT you don’t care what version bootloader (BL) your iPhone is running. If you’re unlocking the iPhone you WANT a 3.9 BL because that allows you run a fully unlocked iPhone with current firmware and the matching baseband.
These are the following BL options:
4.6 (Apple) – Current official BL. Ships on all NEW iPhones coming from Apple. Can be downgraded via software exploit.
3.9 (Apple) – Original official BL. Shipped on all iPhones up until around the debut of 1.1.2. Can only be updated by opening the iPhone and using the testpoint method.
3.8 (Apple) – Prerelease BL that never shipped, but can get onto your iPhone if you flash an old firmware (such as 1.1.1) with 3.9 (FB) loaded. Can only be updated by opening the iPhone and using the testpoint method. If you never flash an old firmware (and you really shouldn’t) you don’t have to worry about this.
3.9 (FB) – Hacked 3.9 BL with key sections blanked out. Works just like a standard 3.9 (Apple) BL, but when you issue the write command the iPhone will think it is in testpoint mode and allow you to rewrite the BL with a new one. This is why 3.9 (BL) is the preferred downgrade method. It allows you to update back to 4.6 (Apple) without opening your iPhone.

In short, if your iPhone SHIPs with BL 3.9 (Apple), you’re golden. Keep it and don’t worry about changing bootloaders.
If your iPhone SHIPs with BL 4.6 (Apple), you want to use iPlus 2.0b to downgrade to BL 3.9 (FB) while unlocking.
To identify your current BL version you can either use eZiPhoneTools when your iPhone is connected to your PC or, if your iPhone is already activated and jailbroken, you can download and install Baseband Info via Installer.app.

Section 4 – Unlocking:
Unlocking an iPhone (especially these refurbs) consists of the following steps:
1) Download necessary software (links at bottom)
2) Install iTunes
3) Install iPlus
4) Remove the SIM card, put iPhone in DFU mode and connect it to the PC
5) RESTORE (don’t update, restore) to 1.1.4 firmware
6) Open a command prompt and run “iplus -u” with the iPhone connected
7) Wait 5 minutes while iPlus does its thing (DON’T TOUCH THE iPHONE)
8) When it’s done there will be a message on the PC and the iPhone will reboot
9) Disconnect the iPhone and insert your SIM card
10) Power cycle it once (shut it off and turn it back on)
For a VERY detailed set of steps (including LOTS AND LOTS of pictures) follow this

link: http://www.hackthatphone.com/114/…ndows.html

Section 5 – RE-locking:
So, your shiny new device has a problem and you want to try to get warranty coverage? Well, you’re going to want to relock it and make sure it’s back at factory spec. If your iPhone shipped with BL 4.6, hopefully you used iPlus to unlock. If you used Ziphone, you’re going to need to crack open the case and do some mucking around inside to restore via testpoint. Testpoints are beyond the scope of this post however, so I won’t be covering those details.
We’re going to assume that you either
a) Had a 4.6 (Apple) iPhone that was unlocked with iPlus and downgraded to 3.9 (FB)
b) Your iPhone was originally BL 3.9 (Apple) before you unlocked it
1) Install eZiPhoneTools
2) Connect your iPhone to the computer
3) Use eZiPhoneTools to ERASE the baseband
4) Once this is completed use iTunes to RESTORE 1.1.4 firmware
5a) If your iPhone was originally BL 3.9 (Apple) stop, you’re done
5b) If your iPhone was originally BL 4.6 (Apple), keep going
6) Connect your iPhone to the computer
7) Use eZiPhoneTools to upgrade the baseband from BL 3.9 (FB) to BL 4.6 (Apple)
Your iPhone has now been returned to its locked, original factory state.

Section 6 – Problem Recovery:
Question: I didn’t bother reading any directions and tried to unlock my iPhone without restoring to 1.1.4 first! What do I do?
Answer: Relax. MOST problems can be resolved by restoring and rerunning the unlock process. As long as you didn’t do an IPSF style unlock, you should be ok. Just do the following:
1) Kick yourself for not reading directions before blindly messing around with a $300 toy
2) Put the iPhone in DFU mode
3) RESTORE (do not update, restore) to 1.1.4
4) Run iplus with the -u command
5) Enjoy your fully unlocked, updated and patched iPhone


Section 7 – General Questions:
Question: How do I enter DFU mode?
Easiest method:
1) Turn iPhone on
2) Connect iPhone to PC
3) Use eZiPhoneTools (if using XP) and click the “Enter DFU Mode” button
4) The iPhone will reboot into DFU mode and iTunes will recognize it
5) Restore 1.1.4
Manual method:
1) Connect iPhone to PC
2) Hold down Power and Home. Wait for screen to shut off.
3) After 10 seconds (screen should be off) let go of power and keep holding home.
4) After another 10 seconds or so, iTunes should detect the iPhone in DFU mode.
5) Restore 1.1.4

Question: My iPhone shipped with BL 3.9 (Apple). How do I get BL 4.6 (Apple)?
Answer: You don’t want BL 4.6. Just because the number is higher doesn’t mean it is better. The majority of iPhones out there have BL 3.9. And if you plan on unlocking YOU WANT BL 3.9.

Question: Should my SIM card be in the iPhone or out of the iPhone while unlocking?
Answer: It’s simplest just to run iPlus with no SIM card in the iPhone.

Question: I have a ATT Blackberry Plan. Will it work with an unlocked iPhone?
Answer: Yes. ATT uses the same EDGE APN for its BB devices, so if you have a BB plan you can just drop the SIM card into an unlocked iPhone and data will work. You WILL NOT get BB push email, as that requires the RIM client.

Question: How do I configure data on an unlocked iPhone with another carrier?
Answer: Go to Settings -> General -> Network -> EDGE and enter your APN information.

Question: How do I disable EDGE entirely?
Answer: You have a few options:
1) Download and install Boss Prefs from Installer.app to disable EDGE via toggle
2) Call your carrier and have them remove EDGE data from you account
3) If you are NOT using ATT, leave the APN settings blank
Question: Should I change my IMEI so ATT doesn’t know I’m using an iPhone?
Answer: Hell NO. Modifying a mobile’s IMEI is blatantly illegal (and it’s not going to prevent ATT from knowing that you’re using an iPhone). If you modify your IMEI you’re going to potentially have a hell of a lot more to worry about than an early termination fee.

Question: How can I tell the current firmware version of my iPhone?
Answer: If your iPhone is activated, just go into Settings -> General -> About
If it is stuck at the “emergency calls screen” bring up the keypad and enter *3001#12345#* then press the green talk button. This brings up a field test menu where you can check the baseband version (among other things). The following basebands correspond to the following firmware versions:
03.12.06 – 1.0.0
03.14.08 – 1.0.1/1.0.2
04.01.13 – 1.1.1
04.02.13 – 1.1.2
04.03.13 – 1.1.3
04.04.05 – 1.1.4

Question: Why doesn’t YouTube work right away?
Answer: Just like the iPhone, YouTube has to be activated to work. iPlus 2.0b will do this automatically as part of the unlocking process.

Question: What is the difference between RESTORING to 1.1.4 and UPDATING to 1.1.4?
Answer: RESTORING is the preferred method because it is like formatting your hard drive before installing an OS. You know you’re getting a clean copy. UPDATING simply installs the new OS and can leave old data or settings (that you don’t want) behind.

Question: If I update to a new firmware will my iPhone relock?
Answer: YES. If a new firmware comes out and you update YOU WILL RELOCK YOUR iPHONE.

Question: How do I use the International Pack with iPlus 2.0b?
Answer: Delete the original payload.zip file from your iPlus 2.0b folder. RENAME payload_international.zip to payload.zip. Move it to your iPlus 2.0b folder. Now, when you run iPlus, it will automatically use the International Pack.

Question: How do I download software from Installer.app?
1) Make sure you have a data connection (either EDGE or WiFi)
2) Make sure you have the latest version of Installer.app (if you used iPlus, you do, if you used Ziphone you need to update Installer.app)
3) Scroll through the list of software to find the application you want
4) Click “Install” to download and install your seleced application

Question: Do I need cell service/will I get charged to use WiFi?
Answer: No. WiFi doesn’t use the cell service at all. You can pull the SIM card out and use WiFi. You will only get charged for using WiFi if the hotspot you are using charges you. Using WiFi on your iPhone is just like using WiFi on your computer.

Question: How does Google Maps know where I am? Why isn’t Google Maps more accurate?
Answer: The iPhone DOES NOT have GPS of any sort. Google Maps finds your location by reading the IDs of local cell towers and known WiFi hotspots. It sends this information to the Google server which has the coordinates of each tower and hotspot recorded in a database. This is used to triangulate your approximate position and send back the appropriate map data. The location feature tends to be more accurate in big cities where there is a higher concentration of cell towers and WiFi hotspots as opposed to rural areas. If Google Maps cannot locate you, it is because it does not have enough known data points. It is possible that your iPhone was just turned on and has not yet “seen” enough towers and hotspots. It is also possible that you are in an area (such as a foreign country) that Google has not yet mapped out.

Question: I can download the 1.1.4 firmware from iTunes. Why do you have a direct download link?
Answer: It’s always good to have a backup copy of a known, working firmware. iTunes will only ever download the latest firmware revision automatically so if Apple releases 1.1.5 tomorrow, you won’t be able to get 1.1.4 through iTunes.

Question: How can I use the 1.1.4 file I downloaded?
 Answer: Hold down the <SHIFT> button on your keyboard while clicking RESTORE in iTunes. Rather than going online, iTunes will open a window allowing you to choose which firmware file to use. Choose the 1.1.4 file you downloaded and click OK.

Question: How do I get tmobile’s t-zones $5.99 data plan to work on my unlocked/jailbroken phone 1.1.4?

Answer: 1. Dial 611 and activate the $5.99 data plan through t-mobile.
2. Disable the autolock feature on your iphone. You can turn it back on afterwards.
3. Turn on the SSH through BossPrefs.
4. Download WINSCP
5. Enter wap.voicestream.com in your edge settings. leave the username/password blank
6. Create a proxy.pac file in notepad with the following code
function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), “”, “”))
return “PROXY”;
return “DIRECT”;

7. Locate the phone’s wifi lan ip through your router or by going to the iphone’s wifi settings or Settings/general/about on the iphone
8. Connect to your phone via WINSCP. Use the login name “root” and password “alpine” or “dottie”
9. Upload the proxy.pac file to private/var/root
10. Download the preferences.plist. It is located /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ in the user section or the beginning of the file structure for the phone.
11. Add the following line of code(italicized).


11. Upload the new preferences.plist to its original place.
12. Restart the phone and enjoy the $19.99 data plan speeds.

Section 8 – Software Links:
Ok, this is what everyone wants.
iPlus 2.0b (XP and OS X): http://rapidshare.com/files/99216…b.zip.html
iPlus 2.0b International Pack http://rapidshare.com/files/99215…l.zip.html
eZiPhoneTools (XP): http://eziphone.blogspot.com/
iTunes: http://www.apple.com/itunes/
iPhone 1.1.4 Firmware (DD): http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesui…store.ipsw

Download Apps, Games below

Check Your Warranty Coverage Date:
Above link will give you an option to Update your purchase date in Apple’s system by faxing them your receipt.

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