Mozy – Unlimited Off-site Backup storage – $49/yr (or $93 for 2 years)

Many of you have probably hear of Mozy’s Online Backup service (aka Off-site backup). It will backup an unlimited amount of data. The service also encrypts your data (while on your computer) and securely transfers it to their servers, so your data is never being transmitted or stored in an unencrypted form. It currently works for Windows and Mac (I don’t think it currently runs on Linux). If has received very good reviews.
Normally the service costs $4.95/month, but with the coupon code May, it is 10% off. If you want to sign up for two years, the code is May2 for 10% off. For new sign-ups, you get 1 month free on the 1-year plan and 3 months free if you sign up for the 2-year plan.
1 Year: $59.40 – $4.95 (1 month free) – $5.44 (coupon: May)= $49.01
2 Years:$118.80 – $14.85 (3 months free) – $10.39 (coupon: May2) = $93.56
Link: Mozy
People have been able to literally back up hundreds of gigabytes (and at least one person has backed up over 1 TB) for the flat price of $4.95/month. They do this by throttling your upload speed to ~1MB/s. So, yes you can Backup 1TB if you want, but it may take months to do the initial transfer. So I don’t think of this as off-site storage, but really as a backup in case your drive crashes and you really need the files (but not necessarily immediately).
If you just want to give Mozy a shot before buying, you can get a Free 2GB account here: Link

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