Watch free Dvd movies rentals from RedBox, no download

image Unlike Hollywood or Blockbuster which charge like 4-5$ for a movie rental, Redbox is a new service which lets DVD rentals for $1 DVD rentals, No late fees, return at over 8,000 locations. It’s legit and easy. They keep updating there new movie titles very frequently. You can view the here and can reserve them online.

Code Sharing makes free rentals possible

RedBox actually distributes codes weekly if you sign up for SMS or email messaging, here .  You get a free rental code each Monday which you can use for one night’s free rental.

All you need to do for free rentals is visit insideredbox and print out the latest list of codes before your trip to the local RedBox. Anyway, choose your movie, punch in a code (hit the Add Promo Code button), swipe your card and take home your free rental. As long as you return it before 9pm the following day, you never pay for that movie. I do believe they put a $1 hold on your card for each rental, but that is of course returned to you very quickly. Now, enjoy watching free movies.


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