720p, 1080p mkv large hd video files stuttering in vlc player. Best video playback without stutters

Even with the best computer hardware, playing 720p / 1080p mkv large video files in most of the video players might cause the video to stutter / hang / pause very frequently and skip. This is a very common issue with VLC video player. VLC’s h264 AVC support is still a little outdated so it’s definitely not recommended for playing HD movies, whether MKV or not. Below are the recommended solutions.

The KMPlayer works for flawlessly without stuttering and pausing for me. This is a free software and a very good media player with lot of options. Download here English Version.

ZoomPlayer also works without any stuttering problems while playing large mkv files. Its a very simple place and works very fast. Download here.

Media Player Classic has worked for many people to fix stuttering issue. It has the same interface as the first versions of windows media player. Download here.

Some changes in VLC might also help. You could try raising the file cache. To do this go to:  Settings >> Preferences… >> Input / Codecs >> Access modules >> File
Then tick “Show advanced options”. Enter a larger value for “Caching value in ms” (e.g. 1000) and press “Save”. You may need to restart VLC, then try playing DTS through S/PDIF.
If that doesn’t make any difference then you could test out one of the latest VLC nightly builds (0.9.0-svn):


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  1. tanks this helped wery mutch. it stands on 300 and now 1000.

  2. I have tried KMPlayer and works awesome comparared to VLC. Very satisfied with it. Thanks for the info.

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