Vista search won’t work with content data; search files by containing text; vista search xp

Vista search is very advanced and can be broadly classified into three categories.

Instant Search or Windows Search – system wide integrated search that runs significantly faster and offers more customized search capabilities.  


By default, Instant Search go across the index that has only a small number of folders such as the Start Menu, the names of the files opened, the Documents folder and the user’s e-mail.

Type the word “index” in the Instant Search box, the first result will be Indexing Options which will show you all the folders that are being indexed now.

When the indexing is turned off for some locations, vista only gets results for file names and not for containing text. So need to change the option to fetch results with text like in xp.

To change this option My Computer > Organise > Folder and Search Options > Search and choose the below option to search for files containing the text.

Vista Folder Options

Search boxes have been added throughout the Explorer user interface, to the Start menu, Open/Save dialog boxes, and several of the applications included with Windows Vista.

Search Folder opening the folder will execute a specific search automatically and display the results as a normal folder.

HINT: Disabling the windows indexing service for a drive can help improve even better performance in windows vista. This can be done by right clicking the drive in My Computer > Properties > Uncheck ‘Index this drive for fast searching’.

 disable vista index

For Content search in any particular folder, TextPad would do an excellent job and would also offer to edit those search results.

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One Response to “Vista search won’t work with content data; search files by containing text; vista search xp”

  1. The method is not always working. I was looking for a set of files containing “dc.dat”. After I changed the folder option as instructed, the search of “dc” found the files. However, if I typed “dat”, the search found some files but missed others. Nor does it work by searching “dc.dat”.

    So looks like Vista won’t be able to find the files “containing” the characters, unless the string “starting” with the given characters.

    By the way, anyone knows how to include the special character ‘.’ in the search?

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