Detect invisible users in yahoo messenger – 10 different ways – all working

A lot of people who read my earlier post ‘Yahoo Messenger Tips, Tricks and Secrets‘ where mainly looking ways to detect if there friend is in invisible status. Well, if they are invisible, they definitely don’t want to chat with you and have personal time. For your curiosity, I have compiled a list of applications and web sites, that help you find out which yahoo messenger friends are invisible, office or online. : This is one of the best site to find the status of yahoo user. It is very fast and accurate. Also, displays the cached display picture.

invisible-scanner : This is another very good web site to detect invisible yahoo friend. It is very fast, accurate and is continuously improving service. Displays the profile pic.

image : This has a very simple interface. Works accurate but slow compared to above two sites. Definitely a try, if the above servers are busy.


Buddy Spy : Unlike the above, this is a software application and needs to be installed. This is definitely worth. It has lot more options. Download here.

 Buddy Spy : This has a clean interface. But the server is always busy and might give some inaccurate information.

image :  This does not have a nice interface as above. It works. It does not show the display pic. : This has the same engine as the above. The page load has some errors. : This has a very different interface. Let me know if this works for you.

Buddycheck : This is again a software program. This is not recommended as it requires the friend must accept to be added into this program, so you can keep monitoring later. This also has a paid version. : This is a very early site to allow detect invisible users. This is undergoing some major server changes and is expected to come back. : This is the most popular site to detect invisible yahoo ids. This is currently unavailable.

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35 Responses to “Detect invisible users in yahoo messenger – 10 different ways – all working”

  1. try .it’s the best yahoo invisible detector

  2. The best Yahoo Invisible Detector 100% accurate.

  3. ydetector really works!! ive been using narubian but its always busy sometimes doesnt tell the real status, its annoying!

  4. a new one! … hi5 profile also displayed!

  5. is also one.

    I use it always – one good feature in this is that it keeps the username cached in cookie so you have a list of your buddies.

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