Backup / transfer all your old email data to Yahoo

Many people have recently registered for Yahoo’s New Mail extensions ( Related : ‘Yahoo’s new domain extensions , . Signup Now.‘). If your one of them and wondering how to transfer all your emails, calendar, contacts, from your old email (,,,,,, etc), Yahoo has new and easy transfer tool. You can also use it to backup your email data.

Yahoo has a partnered with Trueswitch ( Internet Switching Solutions Provider ) to provide service. Its pretty simple, just provide your old email account details and transfer is completed in 24hrs in the background.

backup transfer email data

Click to Start the Transfer

1. You’ll need to accept the TOS. TOS mainly states that you are giving write access to your new yahoo mail for two weeks.

2. After 12-24 hrs, you’ll get an email from Yahoo Mail that the Switch or the easy Backup has been completed. You can see all your old email in a new My folder, Calendar and contacts updated.

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