Make Microsoft donate more for a social cause; Live Messenger has best web cam quality too.

Is anybody complaining that chatting is waste of time? Well, not anymore, the more you chat, the more you are supporting a social cause.

image Microsoft has launched the i’m Initiative in March 2007 and has raised $1,579,720 till now. Every time you use Windows Live Messenger for chatting or Hotmail, Microsoft shares a portion of the advertising revenue with some of the world’s most effective social cause organizations. The more messages we send, the more they give.

It’s very simple to make Microsoft start donating on your behalf.image For Windows Live Messenger, Click on the “i’m” tab, and follow the instructions. Choose your cause. For Windows Hotmail, Follow this link if you already have a Hotmail account.

All of you Apple fan boys and girls, even if you feel this is another marketing campaign, keep your ego aside and start supporting a social cause. You got nothing to loose and gain happy satisfied sleep.

Windows Live Messenger has an Excellent 8.0 rating from CNET Editor. This is so far the best instant messenger by offering the best live video movement quality, nice file sharing features and the cute winks.

I don’t like the default smiley’s and the occasional error message ‘The following message could not be delivered to all recipients’. 

For some disabling the handwriting tab helped to fix the issue. Go to  Tools > Options > Messages > Unlick “Show the Handwrite tab in conversation windows”. Sign out > Exit > Open MSN.

( supports i’m Initiative and hence belongs to your No Ads category )

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