Speed test for Internet Connection and iPhone 3g

internet speedAre you getting all of the performance you should from your dialup, DSL, cable, broadband, satellite Internet connection? Is your Internet connection very slow?

Cable Internet will theoretically run faster than DSL, several technical and business reasons can reduce or even eliminate this advantage. Cable modem services can slow down significantly if many people in your neighborhood access the Internet simultaneously.

> If you’re Internet speed is very slow, first understand your Internet service providers advertised speeds. Understand that the real connection speed will be much lower than the advertised speed.

> Before doing the speed test for actual speed, Stop all downloads, Close webcams, Make sure you’re using a direct wired connection from modem.

> There are online web sites which help you determine the actual Internet speed.

speedtest.net Speed test @ http://www.speedtest.net – Select the nearest recommended server and it’ll show download and upload speeds. This has servers hosted all across the world. It lets you compare your results with others and easily share them.

Test The Quality of VOIP @ Internetfrog.com. You can also do a free Virus Scan and Spyware Removal. Test iPhone’s 3g, Edge speeds @ Testmyiphone.com It is a mobile speed test designed for the Apple iPhone.
voip test iPhone speed test

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  1. thank you for the useful information.

    For the testmyiphone.com picture; are those real connection speed or abstract numbers?

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