Pwnage 2.0 – Activate, Jailbreak iPhone 3g no Unlock

pwnage iphone 3g The iPhone Dev Team has released version 2.0 of the Pwnage tool. This tool allows you Jailbreak (add unofficial 3rd party applications) to the new iPhone 3G.

This is MAC only tool. For Windows, we’ll have to wait until winpwn is released. Installer and appstore will work together. None of my 1.1.4 apps will work on 2.0 firmware unless they are rewritten code. I’d not upgrade I’ll wait until all my apps are available on iPhone 2.0 firmware.

From iPhone Dev-team Blog :

iPhone (1st Gen) with 2.0 – Activated, Unlocked & Jailbroken, (with support for third party applications).
iPod Touch with 2.0 – Activated & Jailbroken, (with support for third party applications).
iPhone 3g with 2.0 – Activated, Jailbroken, No Unlocking (with support for third party applications).

For complete pwning steps with screenshots : read BigBoss Pwnage 2.0 Guide

Required Download Sources with Mirrors …

A direct link to the 2.0 firmware for the old 2G iPhone’s: …

You need the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloader files get them all firmwares/bootloader

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