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RealArcade is the leading service for downloadable games, the fastest growing category of PC games. RealArcade offers the best selection of free online games, deluxe download games, and cash games. RealNetworks acquired Gamehouse and is now part of RealArcade.

Using coupon code FRLSGW, you can download up to 6 games free at a time.

1. Follow this link or go to
2. Click Download Games button and select uptop 6 games to add to cart. Make sure ‘little shop of treasures 2’ is in cart or else add it.
3. The total order total shouldn’t go over $150 or else they will ask for cc info.
4. Now, remove ONLY the $7.95 cd – you must keep the little house of treasures 2 and add the coupon type this code in the coupon box, FRLSGW if you followed link.
5. Click submit and you’ll receive confirmation

realarcade games

May you can try this method multiple times might help to download all the realarcade games. Some people report firefox does not like the download site. Use IE.

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