Free Microsoft tech eBooks, training demos and 1500+ eBooks for Microsoft Reader has huge collection of free technology ebooks, training demos. Below are some recommended books.

sql server 2008

Introducing SQL Server 2008 by Peter DeBetta
Learn about major new features in SQL Server 2008 including security, administration, and performance. This book is not released yet. Sign up to download the entire e-book when it is released.


image Introducing Microsoft LINQ
by Paolo Pialorsi and Marco Russo

Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX
by Dino Esposito

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 1.0
by Laurence Moroney

Grab these three ebooks at


TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows :…P_Fund.pdf

first look 2007 microsoft office

First look 2007 Microsoft office system…System.pdf

Introducing “11 Steps to Create a Successful Web Site” from Startup Nation

Build A Website That Sells 1.0…laylang=en

.NET Book Zero…Zero11.pdf

The following demos for Office 2007, Windows Vista  take you through the new features and provide some good tips.

1500+ Free eBooks for Microsoft Reader.

microsoft reader Microsoft Reader runs all Microsoft Operating Systems including tablet and Mobile OS. It is designed to make your onscreen reading experience as close as possible to reading a printed book. Features include high-resolution ClearType and an add-on dictionary, as well as the ability to bookmark, highlight, annotate, make notes and drawings, and much more.

It includes Text-to-Speech features, download from Microsoft Reader Text-to-Speech Package.

Download Reader from

Access 1500+ Free Microsoft Reader eBooks

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