offers cheap calling to India at 1.9 cents

Reliablecom, a provider of cheap Calling Cards to many international countries and Voip Softphones to US customers is running specials every day. One special, it runs on Thursday is calling to any part of India at just 1.9 cents per min all day. Call quality is good now. They come with different offers each day but Thursday is the best.

UPDATE: They are running this promotion on Wednesdays too.

reliablecom cheap calling

Product Name: India 1.9 Daily Special
Card rate Local mins toll free access minutes
$20 1.9� 1053 mins 588 mins
$10 1.9� 526 mins 294 mins
$5 1.9� 263 mins 147 mins

Please note that the call rounding is 3 minutes so make sure you talk for increment of 3 minutes to take most out of your money. You can enjoy the feature till 90days from the first use . If you are looking for low rates on calling cards, they have very low rates.

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6 Responses to “ offers cheap calling to India at 1.9 cents”

  1. sureshkumar Says:

    the site is blocked can you help about this

  2. Did the rate to India go down?

    They have been running the 1.9 cent offer for over a week now. I purchased 5 cards they have some amazing service.
    Compared to Reliance, is over 400% lower. This is nuts Reliance is robbing its customer blind!

  3. Crazy qaulity yar! I tried thiz weekend. Better than all other sites

  4. Please donot purchase these cards. Their offers like 1.9c per minute look flashy but you will not be able to use even a single minute of that time with good quality.lot of hidden cots. There is already a complaint against them in this site. I am being cheated on by purchasing these cards. Their customer support number is a waste. It is going to voice message all the time. Their customer support mail id is also a waste. You will never get the response back. One liner. If you want to throw your money into trash, use this site.i dont know how come they are surving in US by cheating like this

  5. not a bad idea to go for the calling cards from……… i did not find any difficulty in making calls to india………….. some times network busy, like all other service providers………… have to bear with that if u looking for cheap calling cards………..

  6. this website is the best…no hidden cost or anything ok
    use it
    it saves alot of money
    they dont cheat at all

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