Buddy spy – find out yahoo primary id, online status, webcam status, chat status

Buddy Spy is the premier program for Yahoo! Messenger status checking. Buddy Spy has some very unique features. It has a very quick and easy interface. It requires that we login to it using our yahoo id. Login to the application using some not used id and enjoy the below features.
– Yahoo! Primary ID Checking
– Yahoo! Webcam Checking
– Improved GUI
– More Custom Settings
– More Packet Types

buddy spy yahoo messenger status check

Download Buddy Spy The Yahoo! Messenger Invisible Detector


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5 Responses to “Buddy spy – find out yahoo primary id, online status, webcam status, chat status”

  1. it gives an incorrect status sometimes

  2. @pinkcy,
    Try the first ones mentioned… they give the correct status… Some might give incorrect status when there is high server load. Always better to check in two to confirm. 😉

  3. guys i cannot configure my BuddySpy… it says invalid User or password… but i already tried different usernames.. not the one im using on my Yahoo Messenger… what should i do? what should be the correct configuration?

  4. That used to work but seems yahooo server got patched and its not working anymore. I wish the author update it..

  5. how to operate fake webcam ,need to no the steps

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