U.S. Average Internet speed is 2.3 mbps while Japan has 63 mbps.

Speedmatters.org Speedmatters.org is project of CWA ( Communications Workers of America ). Speed Matters has released their second annual state-by-state Internet speed report. It has very interesting information about Internet Speed in U.S. It also shows how Internet Speed varies in each state.

"Our report found the average U.S. Internet speed was 2.3 megabits per second (mbps), representing a minimal gain of 0.4 mbps over last year’s average speed. At this rate, it will take us more than a hundred years to catch up to Japan, where average speeds are estimated at 63 mbps."

Take the Speed Matters Speed Test, which shows interesting statistics and comparisons. See my Speedtest comparison report. Not bad compared to what is in U.S.

speed test comparision

Check out this interesting Speed Matters State-By-State Internet Speed Report.

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5 Responses to “U.S. Average Internet speed is 2.3 mbps while Japan has 63 mbps.”

  1. Yeah I want answers.


  3. Dandrake47 Says:

    no japan pwned usa…..63 mbps O,o’

  4. lol japan invented internet

  5. Typical americans think they have it bad, the TOP speed in new zealand (where i am) is about 10mbps i mean absolute maximum.
    I have a pretty good plan and my max speed is 256kbps.

    So get over yourselves.

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