Get System Mechanic 8 – Free 6 months subscription

system mechanic 8System Mechanic 8 is great way to monitor and maintain a system. It automatically repairs computer errors, removes spyware or viruses and avoids crashes. The best part is the option about increasing your system performance.

Follow the few simple steps below to get your free System Mechanic 8 license.
1. Visit the page and click Continue button.
2. You should see a page with the Item Code SM8-PR, Description System Mechanic – Six Month Subscription with the order total showing $0.00. Click Secure Checkout button.
3. Enter your first name, last name, address 1, city, postal code, country phone number and email address. You can actually enter fake or bogus information but make sure the email address is a real one. Click Continue button.
4. Make sure Email Delivery is selected and click Continue button.
5. You’d get an email from iolo technologies, LLC ( with the subject “Thank you for ordering from iolo technologies, #XXXXXXXXXXXXXX“‏. Note down the Activation Key.
7. Download System Mechanic 8 and enter the activation code when prompted while installing.
This free System Mechanic 8 activation key is only valid for 6 months subscription. You can actually select “Install as a time-limited trial” to activate the 30 days trial, use it until it expires, then only use the 6 months license. This way you get up to 7 months of free System Mechanic 8 subscription. Perhaps by then I’ll find new way to extend the subscription. Enjoy!

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  1. hiya thank you for yer site its great. The system mechanic is sketchy,,it doesn’t work. just thought I would ley u know. but excellent site.

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