Get 30 Free minutes to India from Airtel

Send the word Airtel to 62407 and you will receive an instant text message that will read as follows:
"Thanks! Dial 1-877-247-4047 and use the Pin: xxxxxxxxxxx to get 30 FREE minutes to India. Acceptance is consent to receive future promotions from Airtel."
They may send you spam sms in future so may not be a good deal for people with pay-per-usage sms. They may call and not send SMS…don’t know.

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5 Responses to “Get 30 Free minutes to India from Airtel”

  1. hai iam josepin

  2. dear sir i want this 30 free minute to india from airtel calling option iam your betamex customer pls send any option

  3. plz give details abt free calls

  4. i want to join to airtel so i want 30 min. free to call to india

  5. There’re lot of sites there who offers limited free calls just to make customers. So what we can do is to register on a such site and use given free minutes and then again find a new site which give out free minutes. Now i’m trying to find site that offers free minutes to UAE. Can someone suggest me a link?
    I’ll also share what i know,
    You can find a bunch of such sites at one place.
    But don’t forget to share UAE request

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