Download Command and Conquer Red Alert free Full version is offering a Free Download of Red Alert: Command and Conquer today Aug 31. C&C Red Alert was perhaps the best game of its generation.

C & C Red Alert

Download and Play

How to install Command and Conquer Red Alert on Vista
Install red alert as follows:
1. open cd, setup95 folder, install.exe
(Note – In the case of this new download it looks like you’ll need the root directory after you have extracted the ZIP file, then extracted the ISO file to a Disc or directory – WinRAR will extract the ISO file)
2. Set compatibility mode on install.exe to win98/me
(Note – I saw one set of instructions that suggested you set ALL executable files to win98/me mode which are Automenu, Autorun, IP, PREVIEW, README, SETUP)
3. Install Red Alert 1.08 patch: RA108USP.EXE (Note – This is included in the download package. You may need to change compatibility mode on this one too, but try it first)
4. Then set compatibility on SETUP.exe as follows:
(Note – Right-click on setup.exe, click properties, then the 2nd tab should be “Compatibility”)
a. mode: win98/me
b. run in 640×480 screen resolution
c. disable visual themes
d. disable desktop composition
e. disable display scaling on high dpi setting
5. Try installing via SETUP.exe

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