Wise-FTP 3 Full Version Free Download with Serial Key

Wise-Ftp freeWISE-FTP is a powerful FTP client – an application that enables you to connect to any FTP  server and download or upload files and directories. VNU is giving away a genuine full version license with serial number for commercial edition of Wise-FTP 3, which supports Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Features of Wise-FTP 3:

  • Support standard FTP and secure authentication and file transfer using SFTP on SSH/SSH2.
  • Site Manager to remember connection settings.
  • SOCKS proxy support.
  • Supports drag and drop as similar to Windows Explorer program interface.
  • Remote editing of file directly on the server.
  • Unidirectional synchronize local and remote folders for automatic alignment of source system and target system.
  • Scheduling a file transfer session.
  • Clipboard monitoring.
  • Built-in HTML Editor.
  • Ability to export server list to a csv file.

Download the free version of Wise-FTP 3 (version 3.1.2): wiseftp3.exe

  • To receive your own personal serial key or activation code, install the free Wise-FTP 3. Run the program after installation, a “Activate Wise-FTP” window will appear. Click on Activate Now button.
  • In activation wizard, fill in the necessary details such as email address, and then click on Request Activation Key button (click Next button if you don’t see it). A genuine valid activation serial key code will be sent to your mailbox, which should be copied and pasted to the field provided to complete the activation process to use Wise-FTP 3 for no expiry and no limitation or restriction.

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