Make free calls to 33 countries using

VoipRaider Logo provides 10 to 15 free minutes to the free 33 country listed below.
For $10 you can get 90 days of free calls to the free 33 country list and use the $10 for other countries not in the list with lower rates. Check the rates other countries:

Free countries list:
Argentina – Australia Austria
Belgium – Brazil – Bulgaria
Canada – Chile – China (+mobile)
Colombia – Czech Rep – Denmark
Finland – France – Germany
Greece – Hungary – Ireland
Italy – Japan – Netherlands
New Zealand – Norway – Peru
Poland Portugal – Romania
Russian Federation- South Africa – Spain
Turkey – United Kingdom – United States (+mobile)

Download the VoipRaider application from
Then create a user name and password.

Gizmo SIP settings available here

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your Voipraider username
Password : your Voipraider password
Display name/number : your Voipraider username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

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6 Responses to “Make free calls to 33 countries using”

  1. i like voip reder

  2. kennedy Alila Says:

    I love Voipraider.I am and will forever be your customer.I have free minutes which I won’t use because I have no one to call in those countries listed.Why cant Voipraider convert my free minutes into usage so that I may use them to talk to my family in Kenya?
    Otherwise you are great.

  3. Voipraider sucks! It says I have 69 free days left but it won’t let me make free calls when I want to. It says my “free calls limit was reached”, BS!!!!! What abt the 69 days????!!!!!!
    It really sucks! There’s no customer service phone # to call, I emailed them abt 3 weeks ago and still haven’t heard from them yet.
    That’s why I’m going back to SKYPE!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Beth, it is because of their “Fair Use Policy” of free calls….which sucked me as well. These people have lots of hidden terms & conditions…. bloody Voipraider !!! Please read that here…

  5. Does enyone knows how to send a fax using voipraider?

  6. Ampofo Ernest Says:

    this the best site in the whole world

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