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Indian Independence Aug 14 1947

Read St. Petersburg Times – Jul 25, 1969 – Moon Landing

St. Petersburg Times – Aug 14, 1947 – Indian Independence

Google has started efforts to digitize dozens of historical newspapers and make scanned images of the original papers and make them available online. It’ll be adding digitalizing millions of pages of news archives. Not only will you be able to search these newspapers, you’ll also be able to browse through them exactly as they were printed photographs, headlines, articles, advertisements and all.

Most of sources like NY Times, Washington Post etc show a snippet of code but require you to pay a subscription fee. Some other sources like St. Petersburg Times, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s etc lets see access the complete scanned news paper.

> Go to Google News ( )
> Search for the your favorite topic and select approximate year in Archives. 
         tip: American History Timeline: 1780-2009 @
> If you find any paid subscription web sites, filter them out to only see free content.
        tip: usage ‘great depression’ will filter out NyTimes results.

Below is an ad in very old edition of St. Petersburg times. They had the Weekend deals and coupons from when the media started. You can also search the funny classifieds and ads. 

Walgreen Very old ad

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