Help Flood Victims in India without spending anything

image Contribute without spending anything for Flood Victims in India. has four questions which the user has to answer. For each Right Answer, the sponsors like Godrej, Chevrolet etc would donate Torches, Candles, Milk powder, Match Boxes, Chlorine Tablets, Nylon Ropes, Tarpaulin Sheets and Biscuits to Bihar Flood Victims.

Interactive agency Quasar Media in association with a non-governmental organization Plan India has launched on 12 September 2008, has already been forwarded to more than ten lakh people. The company also claims that about one lakh unique users played the game within 48 hours of the launch, with overall unique engagements reaching 2,25,000.

The capital of Bihar is "Patna"
Which river has caused havoc in Bihar recently? "Kosi"
How many people have been affected by the recent floods in Bihar? "25 lakh"
What is the opposite of word “flood”? "Drought"

( Supports this cause and has no regular ads on this post. Cmon guys , somebody is doing something !!! Acknowledge ..even if 1% of whole effort helps the needy ..its done… neither you nor me even did that ??? right ??? )

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