Workaround for Accessing Gmail When blocked at work

In the last post, Access Blocked Websites; Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN – NEW UPDATED, I mentioned about ways to access mainly instant messengers and little did I mention about accessing emails when our IT dept blocks them. This gets difficult especially when websense filtering is used.

So, I started a new service at : A Reliable and Secure alternate, easy and fast solution to access Gmail or Google Apps hosted Custom domain. This service works even if websense filters are used. We’ll continuously work to create new domains when blocked. Comes in handy, when your IT dept blocks Gmail completely or When Gmail server is down.

Pre-requisite: IMAP Access should be enabled in Gmail before you can login from here. Goto Settings; Forwarding and POP3 ; Enable IMAP; Save Settings

Access Gmail Blocked



  • Uses IMAP secure connection to Gmail Mailbox.
  • Including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.
  • Search results faster and better like in Gmail.
  • Works with Gmail and Google Apps hosted domain too.

Let us know about this service in comments and notify us of any problems while accessing.

PS : Don�t let you IT people know about this.

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8 Responses to “Workaround for Accessing Gmail When blocked at work”

  1. hello sir,
    i can open gtalk ,and can chat,but cant make gtalk call,its blocked in our college,how can i make call through it,plz reply thanks,ya i can make call with in hostel,but cant make outside it

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  3. Hi,

    I am unable to send emails using Pls help

  4. @ Vijay – Are you getting any error msg sending or not able to login?

  5. Works like a charm, thank you sir.

  6. Not able to access any of the chat applications like google chat or yahoo, even meebo and intelligentbrains has been blocked by websense in our office, Is there any workaround so that I could all this chat applications

    Thanks in advance


  7. I was using till now but now they have blocked it…Is there any other domain name I can use to access gmail.

  8. Tried it and it works great with Gmail – thanks! How about Yahoo mail? Do you have a site that we can use with Yahoo mail?

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