Icondial.com – Free Ad based website for all International destinations

IconDial LogoSimilar to Evaphone.com – Free Ad based wordwide calling website, Icondial also offers free calling minutes to USA and all international destinations. It has a flashed based calling and there is not registration required. Just go to the website www.icondial.com and start making free calls. This website requires PC supporting Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher.

It’s about as simple and straightforward. Go to the site, which has a phone-style dialIconDial Free calling pad, and dial any phone number in the world. After a 3-5 second advertisement, your call will be put through. There is no restriction on who you can call – all countries are supported, and you can call both land lines and mobile phones.

For now the service is limited to calls of a “couple of minutes” but the company says they are looking to allow calls of up to 20 minutes soon.

UPDATE: This service is very slow and down because of high popularity. So, please wait until services are restored and enhanced.

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