Best Bandwidth Monitor Usage Apps – Free tools, gadgets, etc

With the advent of P2P applications, torrents and other kinds of downloads, everybody has been downloading so much. And recently some ISP started cap on the bandwidth limit. It is always good to keep an eye on the uploads and downloads going on. We�ll look at some of the best free applications for monitoring bandwith.

Rokario Bandwidth Monitor Netmeter

Bandwidth Monitor tools on  Client-Side:
– Windows – FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor – Freemeter bundles in some useful networking tools, like ping, traceroute, and IMAP and POP email notifiers. The graphs are highly configurable, show upload and/or download traffic, and can monitor any and all network interfaces (wifi, wired network, 1394, etc.) All in all a useful little bandwidth tool for seeing what kind of data volume you’ve got flowing in and out of your PC. Download here.

– Windows � Bitmeter is more than just a bandwidth usage meter. You can create custom desktop alerts (see screenshot) to know when your internet connection goes offline or if the net speed drops beyond a certain level. Download here.

– Windows � DuMeter – Very popular, excellent set of tools and reporting, but also only for individual clients. Nice prediction features. Download here.

– Windows � Netmeter – A freeware clone of DUmeter. Not AS feature packed, but pretty darn close. You can view your bandwidth within any time frame. You also can see how much bandwidth each application uses. Download here.

– Windows – Rokario Bandwidth Monitor 2 Lite. Pretty neat. Download here.

– Linux – vnstat � (very basic, linux based bandwidth reporting and monitoring)

Monitor Bandwidth on the Router-Side: 

– WRT54G/GS/GL/e.t.c. � Tomato – (Excellent real-time, last 24 hours, daily, weekly, and monthly bandwidth reporting for every interface. This is what I use and recommend the most since it works so well and represents all traffic passing the WAN).  DD � WRT (compatible with more routers). This way you can monitor all devices connected to the router including consoles.

tomato firmware

– Server – MRTG � (Basic, seems depreciated by cacti, but still works, doesn’t give an actual bit-statistic of use though)

Tomato is seriously the best option for people who already have 3rd-party-firmware-running WRT54G routers or their derivatives.

Vista Gadgets

NetMeter � Download Gadget Program for visulating networkspeed and the intern and extern ip. Tested with cable and wireless LAN. A click on the ext. IP updates the ext. IP. Skins are changeable in the settings

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