GooglePreview shows website thumbnails of search engine results

GooglePreview GooglePreview is a tool that enables you to quickly see a visual representation of the search engine results within your browser window. It inserts preview images (thumbnails) of web sites into the Google and Yahoo search results pages. Thumbnails are created and provided by GooglePreview servers.

By seeing a visual image of the search result, you can get a better idea of the destination of your web browser, when you click on the link.

Searching with a visual image of each website can slow your browsing experience, so there’s also the option of switching off this feature when necessary.

It is currently available only for IE and Firefox.

Install Mozilla Firefox Browser Extension version 3.12 – From Official Mozilla add-ons site

Download GooglePreviewIE version 1.5 – ( From

GooglePreview for Opera and Chrome is not available yet.

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