Disable Windows Vista UAC? Try Norton’s Smart UAC tool

Windows Vista’s UAC (User Account Control) is very annoying and pain to use. Many must have already Disabled it turning it off in Control Panel > User Accounts.

UAC is very good security feature that can help a user account with administrator privileges assigned to explicitly authorize actions that require administrative rights. This helps to control changes to windows system directory and registry and can prevent malwares.

Norton UAC Tool beta is a replacement to the Vista UAC prompts that you normally see. It offers two usability-related features

  • “Don’t ask me again” feature for certain actions.
  • More information about triggered UAC prompt like if app is digitally signed etc. Norton UAC

Remember it a beta product and Norton Labs UAC Replacement sends meta information each time it prompts about what caused, and why, to their servers. This data will be used to help Norton Labs build a white list that can be shipped with the UAC replacement final.

Download UAC beta from Norton Labs

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