Complete guide to install cracked apps, games on iPhone, iPod Touch

Before starting, if you haven’t upgraded iPhone 2g / 3g to firmware 2.x, read this earlier post Upgrade, Unlock iPhone 3g 2g Firmware 2.2 – Best Complete Guide Ipod Touch Nano . Also this might interest Crackulous – Backup , Crack , Share iPhone, Touch Apps

As a reminder, this is illegal! I do not encourage anyone to hack or crack iPhone games. Some developers spend quite some time working on them and really need the appreciation and encouragement they deserve. Buy it legally through App Store.

Cracked iPhone Apps Games

There are two types of files you can get for iPhone Apps. The ‘normal’ .app file, and the cracked IPA file. This information is available on Internet public domain, feel free to contact me for any concerns. We’ll discuss different scenarios’ and different ways to install cracked apps.

Install miPatch App  from Cydia:

  • Open Cydia in iPhone, Touch
  • Click Manage, Sources , Edit,  Add ‘‘ , Ok and wait for refresh.
  • If You cannot see miPatch in the repo ( Sections ), restart your cydia (or your device) and have it update it’s sources.
  • Just click it and let it install and simply double click them and sync them with your iPhone and enjoyy.

iTunes / IPA method
This requires replacing a framework file on your iPhone first, but then makes the installation of apps very easy (double click on the mac/pc):

How to install Cracked IPA’s:

  • Using SSH, navigate to : /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework/”
    Backup the file “MobileInstallation”
  • Download this patched file – … stallation/ – (2.0.x) and Copy the patched file over to “/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework/” set permissions to 755
  • Reboot your iPhone.
  • To install the cracked .ipa apps, simply double click them and sync them with your iPhone and enjoyy

Direct method (SSH copy)

  • Download the cracked game/app and extract the folder to your desktop.
  • Copy into /Applications via SSH or SFTP and set it’s permissions to 755 (chmod 755 )
  • Create a folder called ‘Documents’ in /var/mobile/ and set permissions to 777. (*only needs to be done once)
  • Reboot your iPhone and enjoyy

Download and Install cracked ipas directly on ur phone
Appshare and Installous allow you to download ipas directly from your phone and install the applications directly on ur phone without needing a pc.

  • Open Cydia, goto manage then click on sources, click on edit then add. Add the following source – tap on the source
  • Download Installous and then Appshare.
  • Open Appshare and click on or the monkeysballs
  • Begin searching for the IPA you want to download, tap on the app then scroll down till you see “download” tap on that.
  • Choose any of the iphone-freindly links and follow the host directions to download
  • Once download has hit 100%, hit installous at the bottom of appshare and once Insntallous opens up tap on the file you download, tap install
  • Wait for it to install (this will take a few mins). Once the screen return to normal you  can close installous
  • In Springboard you will see you newly *free* Appstore app and enjoyy

Possible Problems and Errors:

  • If you have problems with apps crashing then usually the solution is to first install any legit app(can be free), then install the cracked ones
  • If you still have problems redo the steps again CAREFULLY
  • The application ‘XXXXXXX’ cannot be opened
    Fix: Reboot your iPhone or iPod
    0xE800001 Error:
    FIX: Change usb port and reboot your iphone/ipod Touch.
    If this doesn’t work try going into: Control panel->System->Device Manager->Universal Serie Bus Controller->Right click Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and update driver.
    0xE800013 Error: You get this error when you already have the app
    FIX: Simply delete the .app folder that u have ssh’d and reboot

PS : One of the Yahoo Answers has a link to Asphalt 4: Elite Racing ( best graphics ever ) .

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8 Responses to “Complete guide to install cracked apps, games on iPhone, iPod Touch”

  1. Yes, I’d like to learn on how to install cracked apps into iPhone. Thanks.

  2. Dear sir,
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dude i did way one and now i cant upgrade appstore apps so please give me the original email me at i desparete!!!! im not mad i just want the original so i can do this way two

  4. I mnage to dl installous. But where to download appshare?

  5. Thnx fr such a gr8 info. i got n Iphone 8GB frm airtel and i want to install crack apps on it.
    i read all method which are workin for other members.
    But i am stuck smewhere …
    1. wat is SSH!?
    2. how to install it? (where can i get it for windows)
    3. n last thing, how can i browse my iphone via SSH?

    if any1 can help it will be highly appreciated.

  6. Prabhat : #1 SSH is allowing you to FTP (download) files to your PC off iPhone by USB, if your are using Tunnel Suite or wifi if you are loaded.
    #2 I recomend to install iPhone Tunnel Suite( it has WinSCP included)
    #3 Its easy as if you are browsing through Explorer in Windows

  7. Finally, after a day of searching. Other methods are too hard. This is really simple and it worked 🙂 thanks.

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