Best ways to just Hum a tune and find song titles

Have you ever gotten a song in your head, but can’t remember what the name of that song is? Welcome to the Internet Era, very creative and interesting concepts have been evolving and now there are web sites and applications to help you just humming or singing the part of song and find the song name. Well check three ways to find song names. Next time when you hear a nice song in party, make sure you can hum it 😉

midomi music search logo In, you actually sing or hum the tune of the song you’re thinking of into your computer’s microphone, and Midomi will attempt to match that ditty up with its user contributed database of over two million songs and growing. Goto midomi website

Midomi iPhone is a music search and discovery application for the iPhone that lets users search for music in four different ways. Sing –just sing or hum a few seconds of a song; Say –just say the song or artist name you’re looking for; Type –just type a song or artist name the way it sounds, regardless of spelling; or Grab –just hold your phone to a speaker playing original music for a few seconds. Download from iTunes logoWatZatSong is a website that allows you to quickly find the artist and the title of a tune that you have in your head. WatZatSong is free and participatory: it relies on the music knowledge of its members, who can, by naming your tunes, show their talent and climb up the WatZatSong ranking! WatZatSong website

Start by going to the website and create a sample of tune or whatever u remember of it and several members will help you in naming your tune. You will then be notified of their guesses. To confirm that a guess is right, you will be able to listen to a sample of the real version of the song on one of our partners’ websites.

Shazam Logo The Shazam music recognition service has existed for many years. More recently shazam has developed phone applications for Symbian, Microsoft, Java and now iPhone. Interestingly enough many people hear of Shazam only because of the success of the iPhone app. Download from iTunes

Open the Shazam App and hold the iPhone to the music, within seconds itll return the artist, track and name.

Midomi is available in most of the countries, while Shazam isnt. Shazam works well, from my point of view better than Midomi up to now. I hope you will enjoy the iPhone version coming soon from

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