– cheapest calling ever than intervoip, smsdiscount Logo is offering very cheap calling to India at 2.0 ct/min. In the past we have seen Smsdiscount and Intervoip which are part of Betamax group. Now Freecall is also a part of it.

Freecall also lets users send free text messages all over the world. The Calls to Germany, US, Canada, UK , Norway etc are free while the rates for other international destinations are quite low like India Mobile is just 2.0 ct/min. It also offers VoiP-in number incoming and local access number for convenience.


Like all other Betamax voip applications, Freecall voip application is very easy to install and use. The voice quality is great. Download FreeCall for free here. It Along with PC version, it has both MAC and Linux version too.

Buying credit gives you 120 days of free calls and you can call for 300 minutes per week for free.

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3 Responses to “ – cheapest calling ever than intervoip, smsdiscount”

  1. It seems to me that FREECALL.COM is a hoax…I recharged my account and when I try to dial a number, it says that you are not allowed to make this call… not sure what the problem is… Worst of all is that BETAMAX does not have a customer service who can be contacted for resolving this issue…

    If anyone has a solution to this, please post it out here…

  2. I agree with Mr.Adnan. I also have same problem. Both in Intervoip and Smartvoip. When I try to dial a number, message coming “sorry, you are not allowed to call this number”. As Mr.Adnan wrote they, both sites and Betamax, not responding to the complaints. Not even to bother about replyling. They are more keen when processing payment. If the customer service is like this who will come again to theirs and recommending others.
    I also request anyone has a solution, please reply.

  3. plese any one advise me how i install the freecall software to nokia E51 or E60 and give me the nokia installer pakage.

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