Msfeedssync .exe – What is it and Disable in IE7 / IE8

Webisee RSS Feed MSFeedSync.exe is Microsoft Feeds Synchronization task executable used by the Windows Internet Explorer 7 and 8 web browser to periodically update in-browser RSS feeds which have automatic RSS Feeds synchronization turned ON. It only appears in the Windows Task Manager if IE is running.

Well, most of us use feed reader such as Google Reader, Bloglines, RSS Bandit, FeedDemon, Thunderbird, etc. In this case, this IE feature can be turned OFF. As this continusouly running in the background to update the default RSS feeds.

How to distable msfeedsync in IE7 / IE8

1. Go to Control Panel.
2. Double-click Internet Options.
3. Click Content tab.
4. Click the Settings button under Feeds.
Internet Explorer Settings
5. Uncheck Automatically check feeds for updates and Click OK

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22 Responses to “Msfeedssync .exe – What is it and Disable in IE7 / IE8”

  1. @Jason same thing happen to me.Thanks to this post.:)

  2. If you are staying with IE6, you can safely delete msfeedssync.exe and not break anything. Use the “search” from the start menu and perhaps the file name will show up three times, more or less. You can delete them all.

    If you are reinstalling IE7 or 8, the feed error might go away when you get done. You can delete the file in the meantime to save some aggravation.

    (I am using WinXP, but the problem might exist in other Windows versions as well. It’s an IE problem. As one person pointed out, the older versions don’t use it, and the utility doesn’t check to see if the right version of IE is installed. Without the right version, the utility gets confused and sends an error message. MAYBE – we can pray! – maybe Microsoft will eventually “patch” this problem or at least make it easier to find some solutions…)

    If you do not use RSS feeds, or Internet Explorer, you probably don’t need this file anyway.

    If you insist on using IE (I only use it for Windows Updates ) then you should be sure you are on the most recent version your machine will run.

    I use Google Chrome and Firefox (and Pale Moon derivative) and never had the msfeedssync problem because of that. It’s always shown up when we reinsall Windows!

    Best wishes, everybody – either delete the file(s) or get back to IE7/8 ASAP…

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