Simple and Best Yahoo Messenger Ad Remover all versions

Ad Destroy Interface

Ad Destroy is a small application which has been developed by Dermot and helps to remove ads from Yahoo Messenger 9 and previous too. Once you download the file, run the .exe file to patch Yahoo Messenger so that the ads will not be displayed.

Download Ad Destroy 4.1

Download Ad Destroy 5.0

It can also do some new things in this build of Ad Destroy.
* Ability to disable and re-enable Yahoo updater
* Enable and Disable Buzz sound
* Speed Up Yahoo Messenger Login
* Disable P2P
* Disable IM Tips

A-Patch Logo

After the earlier popular article Yahoo Messenger Tips Tricks Hacks Secrets. I’m writing about this small application called �A-Patch for Yahoo! Messenger� which when applied can remove the advertisements and open more than one Messenger at a time (polygamy). Also, it doesn’t actually “patch” Yahoo, all it does is add some registry entries which disables the ads and enables multi-messenger for Yahoo Messenger! At the moment it has only been tested with version but it may also work for other 8.x versions of Messenger. Some do say it works for Yahoo messsenger 9 final also. Try it out and let us know.  Download A-Patch for Yahoo Messenger

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