Access / Sync Google bookmarks from anywhere, any computer

Ever wanted to access the personal bookmarks saved on your local machine or wished to add a new link to your favorites , when accessing Internet from work place or any other location – Google bookmarks is a very good option for this.

There are Bookmark Sync add-on’s for Firefox like Foxmarks,  Google Browser Sync ( supported till Firefox 2 ), Mozilla Weave which support bookmark sharing across firefox installations at multiple locations.

Google Bookmarks is free, secure and can be accessed from any location and any browser.


On IE Install Google toolbar and Sign in to view add / save Bookmarks. I aligned it beside my Roboform toolbar to not waste much viewable space.

IE 8 - Google Bookmarks

On Firefox Install GMarks Add-on and sign in to Google account to manage Google Bookmarks from within Firefox. It also lets you see Google reader starred items.

Firefox 3 - Gmarks

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