Free International calls from your cellphone ( includes USA to India )

Ringplus Logo Ring Plus offers Free international and long distance phone calls. No credit card nor Internet is required to make free calls and each call can last up to an hour. This service works from USA, Italy, Switzerland to many international locations including India. From USA, up to 100 minutes of free calls to India are allowed now.

The catch: They replace the ring tone you hear with ads, and let the advertiser pay the bill. So, no cost for you and the call is absolutely free. Texas-based telecommunications company Ringplus will soon offer calling card services along with social networking telecommunications features to its customers.

How to start making calls:

  • Goto and Register/Subscribe
  • After registration, wait for an email from ( add to contacts to avoid it into spam ).
  • This confirmation email has your account no, Pin no, website access password.
  • Dial the access number provided on their website (click here). They provide access numbers in USA , Italy and Switzerland.
  • Now follow the instructions and dial the five digit account number when asked followed by your four digit PIN. Dial 9 for International calls.
  • Dial ISD number in format 011XXXXXXXX, for India it is 011918912429429.
  • Once the call is disconnected, you can call again and again.

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4 Responses to “Free International calls from your cellphone ( includes USA to India )”

  1. Hi…Is there any make free call to india from malaysia

  2. I signed up and called Indonesia. My call was cut off after only 7 minutes.

  3. hei there is any cheapest call to india from GULF

  4. can i call from saudi arabia to india for free?

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