Best People Search Free Sites: Find Phone Numbers, Address, Age and more

Now a days, a lot of people are using Google to search for potential employees, boyfriends, girlfriends, criminals etc ; this reveals a lot of information about the person. The sad news is there is a lot more information about the person hiding online from Google. Though a lot of services online offer paid services for doing a background check, there are still some free services which can get all the personal information about a person. Most of the resources we go through are free, so donít give your credit card or any sort of personal information. Logo People search engine aggregates search results from several different sources online. Simply enter a person’s name, a city or zip code, and 123people will display search results from social networks, telephone listings, web pages, Wikipedia and the like.

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ZabaSearch collects information from the public domain and lets you search for people by phone number, social security number, birth year, and location. A controversial feature lets you see satellite images of someone’s house via Google Maps. On the privacy side, a neat feature called ZabaAlerts lets you set up an email alert whenever someone searches your name and even includes the searcher’s location. logo  People-finding search engine, Pipl, says it’s designed to deal specifically with the invisible web problem. You can enter details like a person’s name and location, and Pipl will retrieve information from social networking profiles (MySpace, Friendster, etc.), publications, public records, web pages, and news articles. Logo ZoomInfo lets you people- and company-search over 37 million people and 3.5 million companies in its database. Most profiles are automatically-generated by extracting information from web pages. Logo Instead of searching each service individually at Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, or Xanga account; enter the full name or screen name, plus other identifying information like interests and location at Wink to do a one-hit comprehensive search of all those services at once.

free criminal searchesSay you wanted to look up someone’s criminal background on the Web (for whatever reason). Until very recently, criminal searches were sort of a crap shoot: you never knew what you were going to get, and most of the information you found was pay for play only.

If you just want some basic information, Yahoo or ZabaSearch are good options, but for a more detailed background check, ZoomInfo or Pipl seem to be better equipped.

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