VoIP Spear – Monitor your VOIP Quality, problems, issues

Voip Spear Logo VoIP Spear monitors your Internet 24x7x365 and measures your packet loss, latency, and jitter so it can calculate a MOS score between 1 (poor quality) and 5 (excellent quality) for you.

You can log into VoIP Spear at any time and view charts showing what your voice quality has been historically. Best of all, you can set it up to send you email alerts when your QoS drops too low. VoIP Spear alerts let you be the first to know when your VoIP QoS drops below your comfort level. Our customizable alerts give you complete control. You can specify how often the alerts get sent out, who should be alerted, as well as at what point you should be alerted.

VoIP Spear is free for personal use. It’s very reasonable priced for commercial use.


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One Response to “VoIP Spear – Monitor your VOIP Quality, problems, issues”

  1. I signed up for a VoIP Spear account last week and it’s kinda cool. It’s got some neat charts that show you what your QoS has been like over the past few days. They run tests from 3 different servers in North America (east coast, west coast, etc) so you can see if your QoS is bad from different servers.

    Initially, I had a small problem because of my firewall. Their support team (though I think it’s just one guy) helped me right away and were pretty friendly.

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