Peer Guardian 2 – Guard Privacy, Vista Download 64 bit Error

PeerGuardian Gui Vista Guarding your privacy when using Peer-to-Peer networks is important as it can ensure you’re away from organizations and individuals which collect data about us without consent. PeerGuardian 2 is an IP address blocker software that can prevent access to thousands of sites. It uses multiple, categorized lists and you can choose which type of site(s) you want to block, including spyware/malware related, advertising related, P2P file sharing related and more. The lists are maintained and updated by a community and you can automatically have the program download the latest lists, and also create your own based on your personal blocking preference.

Download Peer Guardian 2 Supports Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and 2003, in 32, 64-bit. Download PeerGuardian 2 RC1 for Windows Vista

PeerGuardian 2 is still not a stable version for Windows Vista and may encounter driver error, problems etc. Make sure, the firewall is not blocking. Also many online gaming users should be aware that PeerGuardian will break game connectivity by restricting access to some servers. I haven’t seen any PeerGuardian 3 in build.

PeerGuardian alternative for Linux : IpBlock , MoBlock ;
Download IPBlock , MoBlock

PeerGuardian alternative for MAC, OS X : PG2 MAC;
Download PG2 Mac

PeerGuardian alternative for Windows : ProtoWall
Download ProtoWall

PeerGuardian alternative for Windows Vista x64 : Use of ipfilter.dat
Read More info here.

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One Response to “Peer Guardian 2 – Guard Privacy, Vista Download 64 bit Error”

  1. Rick Cain Says:

    Peer guardian does not have a signed driver, therefore if you are running 64-bit Windows Vista with SP1 installed, it simply will refuse to install and is essentially worthless.

    Microsoft implemented this “feature” in SP1 that you cannot bypass the signed driver requirement in Vista.

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