Windows 7 beta torrent download leaked, try in Virtualbox

Windows 7 logo The first beta of Windows 7, Microsoft’s coming replacement for Windows Vista, is due to arrive at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, but already leaked version are circulating on popular BitTorrent sites. This torrent is a disk image of the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate; a 64-bit version is not yet available.

The good news is it uses a lot less resources than vista, which is already a win in my book and had received very positive reviews so far. I known of many who are right now using it as primary OS and are very happy. Top features to look for are new customizable taskbar, Added search features, home group, Action Center, Device Stage, multi-touch., New notepad and calculator. See Windows 7 Screenshots

Window 7 screenshot

Windows 7 beta 1 may be available via BitTorrent, and is don’t recommend spending the time to download it. Still, if you just can’t help yourself and want to try this out, read below to install it on a Virtual Machine without messing up existing operating system.

VirtualBox is an open source general-purpose full virtualizer software ( create virtual machines ) for x86 hardware. This is a free product from Sun and is more powerful them commercial software’s like VMware, Virtual PC, Parallels. This runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, OS X Macs.

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  1. Installation works great, but you’ll need a little help installing the Guest Additions for mouse integration, etc.

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    Windows 7 beta torrent download leaked, try in Virtualbox…

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