Circuit City $40 of $199 coupon Expires 01.31.2009 January 31 2009

Here’s a scan of the latest Circuit City $40 off $199 ( Expires 01.31.2009 January 31 2009) Movers Package Coupon purchase along with 10% of Televisions $299 and up and 10% Receivers, Speakers, Subwoofers, and DVD Recorders. The coupon works if you print it double sided.

Some stores accept the scan and others may not. Coupon reads “Reproductions/photocopies will not be accepted” so YMMV. Coupon posted for informational purposes only. Printing the coupon and using it in store may be considered coupon fraud. They are available from the post office relocation coupon pack. Your post office will give you one if you just ask.

Download Coupon (  scribd ) | Download Coupon ( divshare )

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