Convert any file, web page, text to audio mp3 for carry on iPod, iPhone

iSpeech Logo is a web app that allows to convert text, blog, web page, documents into audio mp3 format. Some very useful features. Try the service

  • The text conversion allows pasting any text into the form.
  • The web page, blog conversion supports many platforms; just paste the RSS feed of the blog and it can convert the blog into audio feed.
  • iSpeech automatically extracts the text from MS Word documents (DOC or DOCX), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Rich Text (RTF), Microsoft Power Point (PPT or PPTX), Microsoft Excel (XLS or XLSX), Text files (TXT) and even HTML or HTM files.
  • After you convert your text, blog, files to natural sounding spoken audio ( mp3 format), you can listen to it with the flash widget, embed it on your iTunes Transfer website, share it with friends, or download it and put it on your iPod. iSpeech works with all versions of Android, Blackberry, iPods, iTouch, iPhones and iTunes. Of course, it is also compatible with any device that supports the MP3 file standard.

iSpeech widget is a free service which allows website owners, bloggers to provide readers take your blog on the go as an iPod podcast or MP3 download. This widget allows customization to match your style, taste, color scheme, male or female voice to convert your text.

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